About Us

AISEDA is a local ethnic organization in Fort Wayne, Allen County. It is organized for the purpose of assisting African immigrants, refugees, and asylees to understand and fit into the social and economic life of greater Fort Wayne and America. AISEDA does this by creating opportunities for self-development and educating individuals in culture, language, job skills , civic engagement and other needed areas in order to build their capacity to improve their own well-being.

AISEDA was formed through the efforts of the staff of local community organizations, including churches, Neighbor Works, the City of Fort Wayne, United Way and other professional groups, to bring special-interest programs to the newly arrived refugees with the goal that they become more socially and economically independent of the welfare system.

AISEDA is dedicated to assisting African immigrants / refugees in improving their social and economic lives. Our mission is to assist all African immigrants and refugees to enter into the social and economic life of America by helping them find opportunities and develop new skills. The agency was founded on the beliefs that life is enhanced by the opportunity to become a productive citizen and that all people should be given the opportunity to become included in the fabric of society. Refugees need to become part of the larger environment of Fort Wayne and America society.